martedì 22 maggio 2012


God damn this whole sacrifice – and this revealing, lately. Here comes the pain, oh yeah, here come the blackbirds. Flutes and Saxophones – will shut me down, 'til I’ll drown. And no, you can’t relax, you can’t even sacrifice. – something or anything. your sharp teeth. No way: your life is your life. your fist. –blue life from the things that shine inside. I’d rather be back. I’d rather go insane _ In this place there’s a wind I know – and I don’t like - breathing inside of celebrations. Everything must have happened: your hour, the honey that swells inside you. I think I’m gonna stay in this room forever and I’m fine with it – Explosions. Inside out. Inside. Something is growing- something is showing up. Lately. And All of these things MUST pass. MUST clear up. I will be right, when you’ll be right too _ Pick ‘em up. Go ahead. You can bring up all of your friends. They’re like morphine shot in my ears. Black ravens on the way home. She had A SMiLE. A smile. And no, no, no, no, you can’t imagine. I can’t imagine. Everybody dies – Enea. All of you. I’ll die in confusion, maybe. She had a way of making you feel good, I don’t remember - It’s all wrong. Shhhh. Peaceful. It’s late. I’ve been up lately.

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